A better way to map the world in 3D

We leverage collaborative acquisition and deep learning to produce affordable 3D models of cities and territories. Join us in changing the way maps are built around the world.

Collaborative data acquisition thanks to blockchain

Anyone will be able to provide data and make money: from existing geospatial companies using drones and aircraft, to delivery companies adding sensors to their vehicles. Even private individuals will be able to contribute using their smartphones!

Blockchain enables the protocol to distribute the value paid by data consumers among all contributors, without huge upfront investments.

The picture shows a street with buildings and trees. The image was captured using LiDAR technology and therefore has artificial green and blue colors.
Illustration image from San Francisco Public Work

Powerful algorithms for processing sensor data

Our protocol will accept data in the form of point clouds, a 3D data format produced by LiDAR and photogrammetry technologies.

We are bringing together the best geospatial and deep learning engineers to unlock the difficult problems associated with comparing, interpreting and reconstructing 3D data.


Check out our progress

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We are preparing to release the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of our protocol. In the upcoming months, we will begin testing it with one of the largest regions in Europe as our partner.

A roadmap outlining 3 phases for prototyping, the local version of the protocol with research, and the global launch. Each phase lasts around 2 years. An arrow points between the prototyping and local version phases, with the message "We're there".

What's the vision

We believe that for the first time ever, 3D map data acquisition is scalable: sensors capable of collecting data are everywhere, and technological advances are making it possible to reconstruct this fragmented, heterogeneous data into detailed, evolving 3D models.

Detailed and cheap 3D map data

Our solution merges various perspectives of buildings and urban objects to generate detailed 3D models. These models aid analysis and create immersive 3D experiences.

Accessible in near-real time

There's no need to launch acquisition campaigns every two years, or rely on outdated Google Maps data. Our infrastructure offers access to more recent data as the network expands.

For all industries and developers

We generate the best possible source of 3D data, enabling you to transform it into incredible applications for smart cities, telecommunications, construction, and consumer experiences such as video games or navigation.


Let's get in touch

Are you a local government or a company interested in our solution? Would you like to become a potential contributor? Would you like to invest in our protocol? Get in touch with us via the email below!

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